Amazon hires 1,000 new workers as it rolls out ‘big data’ analytics in its warehouses

Posted August 02, 2018 10:09:21Amazon’s online logistics business, Amazon Mechanical Turk, will soon begin using data analytics tools to improve its customer service.

Amazon announced Wednesday that it is hiring 1,200 new workers to build out “big data” analytics to improve the quality of its fulfillment service.

The company is adding about 1,100 new positions as part of its commitment to automate its logistics business and improve its efficiency, according to an article in The Washington Post.

The announcement comes just two weeks after the company announced that it would begin using a machine learning platform called “Neovia” to automate warehouse operations.

“Amazon Mechanical Turk” is a collaborative technology platform designed to provide a more streamlined, less-intrusive experience for Amazon’s customers, according Amazon.

It’s a part of Amazon’s effort to become more efficient and transparent.

Amazon currently has more than 40,000 fulfillment jobs in its warehouse system.

Amazon Mechanical Trades, a company that manages Amazon’s warehouse operations, will use the analytics tool to help the company determine the best way to do things for its customers, the article says.

Amazon’s hiring spree is part of the company’s efforts to become an “all-inclusive” company, according the article.

The move will make Amazon one of the world’s largest logistics companies, with warehouses serving over a billion customers per day.