How to prepare for an influenza pandemic

The first thing to know about influenza is that it’s a scary, contagious virus that can spread through coughing and sneezing.

So how do you prepare?

Here are five tips for making sure you’re safe.


Stay in touch with family and friends You should make sure your loved ones know you’re sick and that you’ll be OK.

If you’re a frequent traveler or live near someone who has the virus, make sure to call or text to let them know you are getting the flu.


Know what to expect First, get vaccinated.

You should get two doses of the flu vaccine at home, one at the beginning of each month, and one at each of the four days after you last had the vaccine.

The first dose should be taken two days before your scheduled visit.


Get a flu shot right away If you don’t get vaccinated right away, you’re going to be exposed to the virus.

But you should still get vaccinated within 24 hours of your scheduled trip to the doctor.

You can also get a flu vaccine right away if you’re already vaccinated.

The CDC recommends getting a flu vaccination within 48 hours of when you arrive at a doctor’s office, but you can get a second dose at any time.


Take flu shots every day If you have a regular flu shot and you don