A new app aims to help keep track of the world’s missing people

With just a few clicks, users can find their missing relatives, friends and even a specific country, country, or region.

“There’s so much to be done to find those who are unaccounted for,” says Meyer logistics.

Meyer is a Canadian startup that is developing an app that can help track missing persons around the world.

The company, which has raised $15 million from a group of investors including the Canadian government, has developed an app to help track those who have vanished from the world and find them.

In 2016, Meyer said it was working on the app, but that the app was not yet ready.

“The last time we looked, we were pretty much at the end of the year,” said Meyer president David Mowat.

“We were not sure where we were going to be in three years.”

So Meyer began looking for a partner in Canada to help make the app better.

The first project that Meyer developed was an app for Canadian police and the military to share information about missing persons.

The app would send out notifications to police agencies about missing individuals, who would then be given the option of making a statement.

A person who makes a statement would then have access to a link to their Facebook account where they can post information about the case.

“This is a great opportunity to make a statement that we care about these people and their families,” Mowatt said.

“It is really a great tool for them to do that and to get some support.”

The company has now added a missing persons option to the app.

Users can enter their contact information and the location of the missing person to send a statement to their loved ones.

If the missing persons are found and their whereabouts are tracked, Meyers says they can then make an online post to find them, which could lead to the person’s release.

“When you receive the notification, you can make the online statement, and then it will go to the next step where we will send out a notification to the Canadian authorities,” Mowsat said.

The missing person app, which was first announced in May, was developed by Meyer and other Canadian companies, including BNN, for the government.

The companies will continue to work with the Canadian military to help them create the app and to update it with new information, Meysh said.

It is the first time Meyers app will be used in the United States.

The Canadian government did not respond to CBC News requests for comment on Meyers project.

The Missing Persons App has been approved for use by the US National Missing and Exploited Children’s Coalition.

Meyers hopes that the government will also approve it for use in Canada.

“If the government allows it to be used there, it will be really important that it is used in Canada,” Moweatt said of the US application.

“That would be great to see.”