What’s behind the surge in Macy’s grocery purchases?

The New York City Department of Transportation announced today that it will be issuing permits to carry groceries in all 50 states starting July 18.

The DOT said that, because of the new permits, shoppers can now carry their groceries for free for up to four weeks in each state.

This means that shoppers can enjoy the benefits of the free grocery service while shopping, but can also expect to pay more.

As of July 18, the DOT had issued 1.8 million permits for groceries in the 50 states, up from 1.1 million permits issued the week before.

The agency also announced that it has issued more than 6.6 million permits to retailers nationwide.

This year’s permits include an expanded food service and grocery delivery program, which will allow customers to order items for delivery on the spot, without having to pick up the item from the store.

For example, if a customer orders a box of chicken nuggets for delivery at a Walmart store, she could order those nuggets directly from Walmart, rather than from a store.

The store would then process the order and send the nuggets to her home.

The permits allow retailers to sell a wide range of items, including fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and dairy products, with the exception of dairy products which are exempt from the food service program.

The food service plan will begin to roll out over the next few weeks in states where permits have been issued, according to the DOT.

For more information, visit the DOT website.