Odyssia logistics says it will hire 5,000 people for its operations in China

Odyessia logistics has announced that it will bring in 5,500 people from its facilities in China to serve as logistics staff.

The move comes after the logistics company’s logistics head, David Croucher, announced in January that he had started the hiring of 50 people for the company’s China operations.

“We’re going to have to be a bit more ambitious, to say the least,” Crouchers said at the time.

The company will begin hiring people in April.

Odyksa is currently the third-largest logistics provider in China, with around 100,000 workers.

The Chinese government has been encouraging companies to open their operations to more foreign workers, including by allowing them to work remotely.

The hiring of foreign workers has been a key plank in Odyys plans to expand in China.

Odys spokesperson, Michael A. Smith, said the move to hire foreign workers was in line with the companys business strategy.

“Odyssian has been hiring Chinese workers for some time, as part of its strategy to expand into the Chinese market and grow its business in the country,” Smith said.

Odaiba, an online travel company that has been trying to open up its operations to foreign workers since 2015, announced last year that it was looking to hire 10,000 employees in China over the next three years.