How to build an app that automates logistics for your business

An automated logistics system might not sound like the most exciting idea, but it can help you boost productivity and cut costs.

Here’s how it works.


Generate a list of all the goods you need to ship and ship them Automation can be applied to a lot of different tasks, but the biggest one is shipping them all.

“This is where the logistics software company I work for uses their own software to figure out what they need to order and then ship it,” said Jason Poh, the lead developer of SimpleLanes, a logistics app for Windows Phone that’s currently available in the App Store.

“In most situations, they have a list and a list for all of the products they need.

It’s just a list.

And then they use the software to sort it out and then they get the orders and the ships and the packages and then send it out.”


Track what you’ve delivered and when You can send your orders and packages to warehouses and deliver them all at once, but there’s another way to ship your goods.

SimpleLane uses a database to track the exact time of delivery, and it can tell you exactly when it took your goods from the warehouse to your doorstep.

When your packages arrive, they’re tracked on the app, and you can see how much time has passed and what you need in your inbox.

Simple Lane can also track shipping times and delivery dates, so you can compare the two in real time.

“If I have a shipment that’s arriving and it’s on time, I can see that in the app,” said Poh.

“So I can know if I should have ordered a few days earlier.”


Track your shipment and delivery status When you receive your package, you can check its status in the Simple Lane app.

“The app is very good at showing the status of the package,” said Joe Wessel, the founder and CEO of EasyRoads, a mobile logistics company.

“It shows the date of the shipping, the date it’s shipped, when it’s due and how long it takes to get to my doorstep.

You can also see if there are any other packages that are going out and that are due.”

You can see which packages are due to which companies on your list and see if those companies are going to be able to ship the goods.

“With EasyRoad’s app, you’re getting alerts about whether or not you need a package, and if you need it, you get notified,” Wessel said.

“And then you know that you need that package and you get notifications on your phone.

You know when you’re ready to ship.”


Track the delivery status of your packages In the app for Simple Lane, you also get an option to track your package delivery status.

If you have an order that’s due to arrive in the next few days, you’ll get a notification that your order has been sent out.

“You can see when it was delivered,” Wsel said.

But you can also find out what kind of package it is and how much it costs.

“I have a bunch of packages that come in, and they’re going to cost me a little bit of money, so I can make sure that they’re not going to get in my hands,” he said.


Track how long the packages take to arrive on your doorstep Once your packages are ready, they’ll be delivered.

“Once you have your packages on the delivery list, you don’t have to worry about tracking or having them delivered,” said Wessel.

“They’re going straight to your door.

If I need to take a delivery tomorrow, I know when that is.

It doesn’t take a lot to get packages to your house.”


Track when your packages will arrive What you do with your packages depends on the logistics company you work for.

“Sometimes you’re shipping your items in bulk and they may be in your warehouse for months and months and may not have been picked up,” said Mike Buell, the cofounder of Sling.

“There may not be a way for me to track those packages.”

Bueill says if you ship all of your goods on the same day, it may be too late for delivery.

“We have a lot more packages to ship than we need to and we want to ship them all quickly,” he added.

But even if your logistics company has a tracking system, the fact that you’re able to track packages from their point of view may help them make more efficient shipping decisions.


Track package delivery times and tracking dates for each package You can track the time and the date that your packages have been delivered to you, but how often do you need those packages?

“If you’re tracking the exact times and the exact dates and the dates that the package will arrive, that’s great for you,” said Bueell.

“But when you get to your office, your