The truth about Amazon’s logistics network

In a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon says it’s getting more serious about the business of shipping goods by air.

But Amazon says that, at the same time, it’s making some changes to its shipping process to cut down on cost.

Read moreAmazon says it will start shipping goods through a new Amazon Express shipping partner in the U.S. that will deliver up to $200 more than traditional shipping.

The service will be offered in a limited number of Amazon warehouses.

Amazon says the Amazon Express partner is a different way of doing business from its existing shipping partner, which is called AirBnB.

Amazon said AirBns will deliver goods by the day and can be used to ship items for up to 30 days.

The new service will not be available to people who use AirBnb, or people who want to use Amazon Prime, but will be available for people who have an Amazon Prime membership and want to add the service to their existing Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon says Prime members will be able to add Amazon Express to their current Prime service at no extra cost.

The company says Amazon Express will be launched in the coming months, and that it will be free to sign up for.

Amazon hasn’t said how many people it expects to use the service, or how many parcels it will ship each day.

Amazon also hasn’t disclosed how many deliveries it expects for each day the service is offered.

Amazon is trying to get more businesses to accept its logistics system, saying in the report that it now has “a proven track record of success” with its services.