Which Phoenix logistics supply company to buy?

Phoenix logistics supplies company Penske logistics has been the target of a $20 million class-action lawsuit by workers who say they were paid a lower wage than the $10.25 an hour they were promised.

The suit filed Monday in federal court in Phoenix alleges that the company did not pay overtime for workers who worked more than 20 hours per week and overtime for those who worked 25 hours per day.

The lawsuit also claims the company withheld wages from those who filed complaints with Phoenix officials, who were allegedly told that the workers did not need overtime.

The complaint alleges that workers who were fired for complaining about pay and overtime were also denied unemployment benefits, and that supervisors at the company violated company policy when they refused to allow employees to take sick leave.

The workers’ complaint is one of many filed by workers against the company in recent months, saying that they were underpaid and that the companies profits are based on its profits and profits of its own stock.

The suit comes as Penske has been in the midst of a massive restructuring effort that will result in a $10 billion restructuring in the next several years.

The company said Monday that it will sell its Phoenix and Arizona operations and close about 60 locations, as it looks to diversify its operations and focus on growth in the Southeast.

ABC News’ Jennifer Davenport contributed to this report.

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