What is the next big deal for FedEx and UPS?

FedEx is in a bit of a pickle, having to sell off its fleet of 707-series trucks.

But the logistics giant has managed to sell its 707 fleet of trucks through a deal with a company called Logistics News and Media, a company that was previously known as Cargosys.

The company will be working with FedEx to keep the fleet in operation.

Logistics is an independent logistics company based in California that focuses on selling trucking and shipping supplies to the US military.

The deal was announced Thursday, and FedEx says it will retain ownership of the 707s.

The 707 series trucks are used by the company’s freight division, which is used for shipments of food and supplies.

FedEx has been selling trucks to military customers for several years, and the trucking division has been looking to make its presence felt with a deal to sell to the U.S. military.

Last year, the logistics division bought about 300 707 trucks, and last year the truck company also bought trucks from UPS.