How to find gold Coast logistics experts in Brisbane

Queensland’s gold Coast is one of the best places to find logistics and logistics specialists, according to a new study from Gold Coast logistics provider Gold Coast Logistics.

The study found there were over 200 logistics professionals in Brisbane.

Gold Coast Logistic Services has about 50 logistics specialists in Brisbane, with the majority being employed by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

The Queensland Government also provides some logistics professionals to the state.

Gold Coast Logistics says its primary goal is to provide high-quality, competitively priced services to customers.

Goldcoast Logistic services provides logistics to companies that have a range of industries in the Gold Coast, and it is also contracted to manage the Goldfields Freight Terminal.

“We’re an industry leader in the delivery of low-cost freight services to the Gold Fields,” Mr Smith said.

“When we started doing our work, there were no logistics specialists at all, so we’re looking to change that.”

Gold Coast logistics professionals often work in the area’s tourism and hospitality sectors, with an emphasis on the CBD and the north of Brisbane.

The survey found there are approximately 15 people employed in the Brisbane area as of January 2019, with more than 25% of those being employed as logistics specialists.

About half of the respondents were aged over 50.

Mr Smith said he was looking forward to working with his new clientele, especially those who had never worked in logistics before.

“It’s always a great learning experience, but we have a great network of people and we’re all really supportive,” he said.

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