Cig logistics expert reveals costco logistics costs $100k for a container ship

HANOVER, N.J. — A logistics expert has warned that a $100,000 container ship used by a major company in the U.S. may be costing the company thousands of dollars in the process of moving goods.

A report from The New York Times says the cargo container company Cogman has been shipping containers from the port of Boston to its warehouse in Harrison, New Jersey for several months and has been working overtime to get them there.

The shipping company was fined $250,000 last year for misappropriating federal funds, but Cogmans lawyers say the company should have known it was in violation of a court order requiring it to pay $1.6 million in back taxes.

They say Cogmans container ships are the same size as the ships that the Federal Aviation Administration allows for private use in their airspace, which is about the size of a typical airplane.

The company also has been accused of misappropriations of funds, a crime that carries up to a five-year prison sentence.

“I believe they should be liable for the whole of that,” said Michael Tice, an attorney who is representing Cogmens in a class action lawsuit against the FAA.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.