Australian expo to close its expo in Vietnam

Expeditions from Asia are taking their last day of business in Vietnam on Sunday, amid growing concerns about pollution and food shortages.

The Australian expos, including the expo-run expo from Adelaide, have been on the market since last year and will be closed in the coming weeks as the country tries to clean up its air.

Australian expos are being forced to close in Vietnam due to pollution issues.

Photo: Supplied Expedia Australia has been one of the most outspoken exporters in Vietnam, which has been hit by a series of devastating floods that hit the country last year.

In December, expos from Australia to Vietnam closed in response to the flooding, but the situation has worsened over the past few weeks.

As a result, exporters are now turning to other venues to operate.

Vietnam’s health ministry has ordered expos to close for the last time until it can assess the state of health of their operations.

“The situation in Vietnam is worsening, we are in a very difficult period and this will only further increase the challenges,” Australian exporter and director of international development for Expedia’s Southeast Asia operations, Ian Wilson, said in a statement.

Mr Wilson said expos were forced to shut because they had to deal with an ongoing emergency in the capital Phnom Penh.

A woman holds up an expo sign at a Vietnamese expo site in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Photo : Supplied Some expos in Vietnam have resorted to using temporary camps, including those run by the United Nations Development Programme and the World Food Programme, which are used to house their staff.

They have been unable to open their doors because of the flooding.

While expos continue to operate in Vietnam’s capital city, it’s not clear if they will stay open in other major cities.

There is also a lack of food.

Expo owner Ian Wilson said the current climate of water shortages in Vietnam was not helping their business.

Food prices have increased, so it’s difficult to compete with other expos.

But he said there was an element of competition to compete.

Some expos have resorted into using temporary camp.

I think it’s going to be very difficult for us to compete, given that our capacity is very limited,” he said.

He said they had tried to use temporary sites to keep their staff in the country but they were overwhelmed by the influx of new arrivals and the flooding last year as well as the need to deal on a daily basis with an increasing number of typhoons and tropical storms.

After the typhoon that hit Vietnam, there was a need to find places to stay, and we have to look to other places to do that,” Mr Wilson said.”

We have to keep our people safe, so that’s why we have chosen to be in a place like Vietnam.”

He said it was a difficult time for expos and the environment because of a lack for food and water.

Expo owner and director Ian Wilson says expos need to look at other venues in the region. Photo