A new tool lets you track and automate your delivery logistics

Business Insider — In a move that may help reduce the number of orders shipped on Amazon warehouses, Amazon is making a little easier for users to track and manage their delivery logistics.

The ecommerce giant will be rolling out a new tool called Echo logistics tracking that allows users to enter data into the Amazon Alexa-powered device and see a real-time dashboard of what items are currently being shipped, what’s currently being delivered, and where they are.

Amazon says that Echo tracking will allow users to “get a sense of where items are moving, how much time they have to get there, and to quickly see how much they will cost” and will also allow users “to track delivery schedules, including estimated delivery times and times when delivery is expected to occur.”

The Echo tracking tool will work with Amazon’s Echo Show, which can now show the current status of deliveries to Amazon customers and users.

Users can also sign up for a free Amazon Echo Show account, which allows them to view the tracking and delivery status of Amazon deliveries.

Users can use Alexa to track Amazon deliveries with a single click, using Amazon’s Alexa app.

The Alexa tracking tool has the potential to help Amazon improve its delivery service.

The company has been improving its delivery services over the past few years, and has started to deliver orders faster than it used to.

Amazon has also made significant investments in automation, making it easier for the company to track delivery times, track inventory, and automate the delivery process.