When windigo logistics says it’s done: ‘We are done’

On Wednesday, the state’s windigo and logistics agencies confirmed that they had reached a deal with Amazon to provide the company with logistical support.

The deal will allow windigo to take advantage of Amazon’s cloud-based logistics platform, Windigo.com.


Com is a cloud-enabled solution to deliver logistics solutions to businesses and consumers around the world,” said Windigo CEO and CEO Mark Boulton in a statement.

“We are very pleased to be able to deliver a major part of our business and operations to Amazon.”

“We are looking forward to working with the Windigo team to build on our great relationships with them over the next several months,” Boulston added.

“With the help of Amazon, we are looking to leverage the power of our customer base and our team of highly trained and highly skilled individuals to bring the best in logistics solutions and customer service to our customers.”

The agreement comes on the heels of an agreement announced last year with Amazon that was aimed at allowing windigo customers to track inventory and make payments to their customers online.

Windigo said that Amazon had promised to provide a secure and secure-based platform to ship windigo inventory to customers.

Windigos customers will be able use the company’s secure, private cloud platform to manage their orders and deliver to their doorstep, said Boulson.

Windiganis customer service team will also be able access Windigo’s customers data and use it to improve customer service, said Windigos chief financial officer James Gorman.

“We’re excited about bringing these benefits to our clients and our customers,” said Gorman in a press release.

“In this partnership, Windiganis will be working closely with Amazon and will help our customers make smart decisions about shipping and shipping services to help our clients with the most important items they need to move their business forward.”

The company will be offering its own fulfillment service to customers in order to simplify the logistics process.

The move is the latest in a series of strategic partnerships with the online giant.

In 2015, Windigo announced a partnership with Uber to enable its drivers to deliver goods to customers via a secure app.

In May, Windigios partnered with Amazon Prime to provide its drivers with a more convenient delivery option to customers and to provide them with a new, secure delivery option for deliveries.