What to do if you find a stolen car or trailer

The redwood company that sold you a used Toyota Camry has been accused of “stealing” its customers’ property by using a rented trailer to haul it across the country.

The company, Radiant Logistics, said on Monday that it had received “a series of calls” from customers in the United States and Canada, and had “received numerous reports” that their trailers had been stolen.

The firm said the trailers had to be towed to its warehouse in Santa Barbara, California, where it would be repaired.

But the company’s president, Scott Liss, said the company had “not been contacted by law enforcement officials” in the US and Canada.

He told the Los Angeles Times that Radiant Logics had contacted its customers “by phone, email and by mail”, adding that the company “has no record of any such contact”.

He also said the trailer “has been used to haul more than 1,000 people and is fully insured”.

In a statement on its website, Radiant said that it “was contacted by customers in North America, including several in California”.

“As the company has been contacted in the past by law-enforcement officials, we have decided to suspend the rental of its rental trailers,” the statement said.

It said it had “zero tolerance for any theft of property”.

The company said it would not respond to the allegations, but it has a “zero-tolerance policy for theft of our rental vehicles”.

Liss said Radiant Logistic’s trailers were being leased to the California Redwood National Park Service and to private individuals, but the parks did not require them to be properly insured.

In the UK, police said they were investigating a series of thefts in north-west England.

In January, the company said that its vehicles had been used in a “significant number of incidents” in a number of cities, including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Cardiff.

In March, a man was charged with attempted burglary and possession of stolen goods after allegedly stealing a trailer from a storage facility in Bristol, north-east England.

Liss was unavailable for comment on Monday.