The World Cup 2018 final will be held in a hotel

The final of the 2018 World Cup will be played at the Royal Windsor Hotel in the city of Bluegrace, Scotland.

The venue has been chosen because it is close to the Royal Highland Golf Course, which is also hosting the final on Thursday.

It will also be close to a train station and airport, and is within easy walking distance of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the city centre.

The hotel, which also houses a hotel and a shop, has been open for about five years.

The World Cups first match in the venue, in February 2018, drew an estimated 70,000 spectators, with many more watching on TV.

It was held in front of a capacity crowd of about 25,000, with the game lasting about two hours.

The second match in October 2018 was held at the hotel in Glasgow, with an estimated 30,000 fans watching on the television.