When is the best time to fly to Israel?

The Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa airports are now closed for the holiday season due to the threat of the Zika virus, and airlines are forced to operate only in limited hours.

The three airports have been open only on the weekend for the past two months, and only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The restrictions have also prevented many travelers from going to the holy sites of the Dome of the Rock, which is in Jerusalem, or the Old City, which lies in Tel Aviv.

The airlines have also imposed restrictions on all of their services, such as checking in at the airports and leaving the airport in a taxi.

The travel agency IAA, which represents airlines, says it is working to ensure that all flights to Israel and the Palestinian territories resume on time, as well as to allow those who have been detained by Israeli authorities to return home.

Airlines are also restricting their flights to certain destinations to prevent the spread of the virus.

Israel is the first country to impose restrictions on travel to and from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Gaza, where Palestinians are living under siege and in a state of severe isolation from the outside world.

There have been no deaths or serious injuries related to the Zika outbreak, but it has raised concerns among health experts about the long-term health effects of travel.

Israel’s health minister has said that people who contract Zika could be infected with the virus even after they return home from travel, and there is concern that they could spread it to others.

On Thursday, the Israeli government imposed restrictions that limited the number of flights, hours of operation and prices.

“These measures are necessary to protect public health and to prevent potential spread of Zika,” the health ministry said in a statement.

This week, the government imposed a travel ban on some of the West and North Africa regions, and imposed new restrictions on flights to the Gaza Strip.

In recent weeks, more than 20 people have died in Israel from the Zika epidemic.

As of Thursday, there were almost 2,500 confirmed cases of the disease in Israel, according to the World Health Organization.