New video shows how to use the new ‘bollore’ cargo ship

In a video posted on YouTube, a T-shirt manufacturer showed how to build a cargo ship using a few simple components: the crane, the rails, the mooring rope and a bunch of plastic crates.

The T-shirts company, Bollore, describes itself as the “largest wholesale logistics company in Australia”.

It makes everything from bulk shipping containers to rolling stock for the mining industry.

“We use our vast knowledge of manufacturing processes and tools, and we’re always looking to expand,” the company said.

“Our new cargo ship concept is inspired by the concept of ‘bamboo’, the traditional timber used to make a boat hull.

The idea is to create a ship that can be built in a day with the most basic tools and materials, and can be modified to fit a specific market.”

The company said the idea came from a need for a “new, low cost, high speed, light and powerful ship to transport cargo”.

It said the bollores cargo ship was designed to be “capable of carrying up to 200 tonnes of cargo” using standard methods.

Bollore is a small company, with about 50 employees, and operates mainly from its premises in Brisbane, but has plans to open up to other locations around the country.

Its website lists a range of different options for the barge, including the one shown in the video, and a website for its own bamboo-based project.

It’s been making the bolls for some time, but Bollore said the company had been looking at a wider range of products, including shipbuilding materials.

“The biggest challenge we faced was finding a way to get our cargo into production,” the site said.

“We were a bit overwhelmed with all the different ways to manufacture bamboo, but the most obvious is using the bamboo as a building material.

The bamboo itself is so inexpensive, and so lightweight and light, that it’s very easy to transport, and if you need more of it, you can use it to build other materials.”

Bollores bamboo bollors website said its first shipbuilding project would be to construct a “ship from bamboo” to ship timber to a major timber supplier in Queensland.

In 2016, the company also announced it had developed its own prototype bolloring system that could make a “very cheap and fast” ship for around $500,000.

The company was formed in 2014, and its main business is the busses it uses to transport and transport its products from its Brisbane warehouse to its distribution centre in Sydney.

However, in 2017, Bollores bought a timber company, Cottrells Logistics, which was in the process of opening a shipyard in Brisbane.

Cottrell’s plans for the shipyard included the installation of a floating crane, which it said would be able to carry a cargo of up to 100 tonnes.

As a result, the Bollores bollor, which Bollore describes as a “bollory cargo ship”, was announced as the first ship to be built using its new bamboo bolls.

“This project has been a big step in building our future, and it shows that our team can come together and realise our vision for a new, low-cost, high-speed, light, powerful ship that will allow us to deliver products at scale in the future,” the Bolls website said.

This is not the first time Bollore has been involved in a bamboo barge project.

In 2015, the business was working on a “big bamboo buss” to transport timber to its warehouse in Melbourne.

“Our bamboo bunnies will be one of the first bamboo buses on the world to roll out to a new destination,” the website said at the time.

“As the world’s largest bamboo borer, the bamboo biner will be the first barge to be fitted with a high speed rail to roll down to the world-famous Gold Coast.”

It’s a very exciting project for us.

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