The biggest Amazon store is now a private one

The company is expanding its Amazon logistics operations in the UK to allow for a private and private label.

Amazon has announced plans to open a private label and a private warehouse in the capital, London.

Amazon will open a store in Harrods and a store at a warehouse in Regent’s Park.

“We want to bring Amazon’s global reach and convenience to the UK, bringing our own brands to our customers,” said chief operating officer David Crichton.

Amazon is planning to expand its operations at the new warehouses.

The move follows Amazon’s decision to shut down its warehouses in the US last year.

The company has also recently announced it will open up a new fulfillment centre in London, which will be able to handle orders of up to 250,000 items.

Amazon also plans to expand the logistics network in the Netherlands, which has a population of more than 300 million people.

It also plans a new logistics hub in South Korea and a new hub in Thailand.