What to know about the newest Panther logistics truck and its arrival at Panther Supply Depot

On Thursday, Panther Supply Supply Depot, in the city of Auburn, Alabama, officially announced its newest logistics truck.

The Panther Supply Truck, the second of two Panther logistics trucks, is expected to arrive at Panther sometime this week, Panther spokesperson Jessica Smith said.

The Panther Supply Delivery System is a new logistics truck for Panther that has been designed to deliver truckloads of goods to the Panther Supply Warehouse in Auburn, Auburn, and beyond, according to Smith.

The truck has been in the works since August.

The truck’s maiden test run at Panther was at the Auburn Police Department, and it was deployed to the Birmingham Police Department in May.

In October, the truck was deployed on the front lines of the Alabama State Capitol, where it deployed to support the efforts of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and to serve as a temporary logistics solution.

The system has also been deployed at the Capitol, the Alabama House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The trucks are capable of transporting large quantities of goods with a variety of loads.

They can transport a number of different goods, including heavy equipment, food and water, power equipment, medical supplies, food, food packaging and other items.

The trucks can also deliver goods to stores, restaurants, grocery stores, other businesses and the public.

The new Panther logistics vehicle has a full payload capacity of 12,000 pounds and will be capable of carrying about 10,000 tons of freight a day.

The vehicles also have an average capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 people.

The first Panther truck, the Caddy, was delivered to the Auburn police department in August.

It is the first Panther logistics delivery system to be used in the United States.