Ryder Integrated Logistics is expanding into Ontario


– Ryder Integrated is expanding its presence in the province’s logistics sector.

The company said it has secured a two-year strategic partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police.

“It was an exciting opportunity to join forces with the police in helping us to better serve our customers and enhance our operational capabilities,” said David Haddad, senior vice-president of sales, logistics and customer experience.

Rydeys operations include logistics services for a wide range of clients including the Government of Canada, National Defence and private businesses.

In addition to Ontario, Ryder has operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

The Ontario Government has announced an ambitious $60 million investment in the company.

 “We look forward to working with the OPP, and to expanding our operations across the province,” Haddada said.

The Ryder integrated group, which includes Canadian-based companies, was formed in 2013 to address the growing need for logistics companies in Canada.

This includes helping companies better understand the needs of their customers, and making sure they can deliver on their promises.

As a result of this collaboration, Rydeys is the first logistics company in Ontario to be granted an Advanced Manufacturing Technology designation.