How to get your local logistics company to sell to you

mbglobal logistics, a logistics company that offers the ability to remotely deliver goods to customers, has raised $15.5 million in Series A funding.

The startup plans to expand its global logistics business by selling its cloud-based platform to retailers, with an eye towards the UK market.

The funding comes on the heels of a $6.8 million Series A led by Sequoia Capital.

The company has been offering delivery solutions to customers around the world since 2014, including the logistics of groceries, fuel, insurance and more.

It recently secured a $5.9 million funding round from Sequoias co-founder and CEO, Joe Salerno.

mbinternational logistics is based in the US, and has raised more than $9.5m from the likes of Baidu, Alibaba, and other companies.

It is targeting a UK market, and will have more to say about this when it launches later this year.

The company has a roadmap for the UK and Ireland, as well as Australia, the US and Europe, but the US market is the focus right now.