Trump’s New York City real estate magnate: I will not be a puppet of China

Donald Trump has announced that he will not have a puppet in Washington, DC.

Trump told Bloomberg News that the New York businessman will not run for office again, but that he would be “a voice for the American people.”

The billionaire has made it clear he will be the only American presidential candidate who will take on the Chinese in 2020, but there will still be a lot of people around the world with power to help him win the 2020 elections. 

Trump’s announcement came on the same day that Chinese state broadcaster CCTV announced that a group of 20 prominent businessmen had signed a letter of intent to run for president in 2020. 

 It was unclear if this signatories were related to Trump, but Bloomberg reported that they were. 

According to the report, the group is the “America First Coalition” led by David Tepper, Brad Pitt, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mark Zuckerberg, James Simons, Mark Waid, and others. 

The group said in a statement that it would be the first group to formally sign on to run in 2020 and that they will be able to compete against China for votes in other U.S. states and countries. 

Bloomberg reported that the letter of commitment signed by the group of executives “was an opportunity for China to take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 election cycle.

It is a clear signal that Beijing sees Trump as a threat, and they are prepared to put a stop to him.” 

Trump also announced that his daughter Ivanka will not take a seat on the transition team. 

“The new president has chosen a new team of advisors and the transition will begin,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“Ivanka will remain a private citizen as president and will not serve as a liaison for the transition.” 

The Trump family has been criticized for the amount of money they have donated to the campaigns of both Democratic and Republican candidates. 

One former Trump adviser, who asked not to be named, told Bloomberg that they have given $3 million to the Republican Party and $250,000 to the Democratic Party. 

Another former Trump aide, who was in the transition, told the news outlet that they had donated $1 million to Republican candidates and $50,000 each to the Democrats. 

During the 2016 election cycle, it was reported that Trump and his family donated a total of $38 million to political candidates.