‘The World Is Flat’ to Hit $3 Trillion in 2020

AIT Worldwide logistics, United Vision logistics and AIT India logistics have agreed to a deal worth $3 trillion in 2020.

The deal will give the companies the chance to take on the likes of IBM, SAP, and Amazon in India, a key market for the companies.

The agreement between the three companies will make AIT Global the largest logistics company in India and Ait India the largest global logistics company.

In 2020, AIT will be the biggest logistics company by revenue and Aitea will be second.

The companies are expected to have a combined turnover of around $3 billion.

In a statement, Ait World chairman and CEO Amit Agarwal said the agreement will bring an additional boost to AIT and its members.

“This agreement will help us grow our business, increase our visibility and broaden our horizons,” he said.

“The global marketplace is changing and Aito is one of the most successful companies globally.”

The company will also gain access to some of the world’s fastest-growing supply chains, including India’s biggest and most successful logistics company, SABMiller.

Agarwals statement said the companies will collaborate on a wide range of supply chain, technology and supply chain logistics solutions, and share technology and research.

The companies will have a joint venture and a joint investment in 2020 and beyond.

AIT World’s new headquarters will be in New Delhi.