Seahawks need to improve their play from scrimmage to the next level

Seahawk defensive coordinator Paul McDonough expects the team to do a better job of moving players around on the field.

That will require better positioning on the defensive line and on the interior, and that requires a bit more agility.

“There’s definitely a lot of moving parts to it,” McDonaugh said.

“The running game and the pass game are really important in that.

If we can get guys comfortable with that, we’ll be in good shape.”

McDonough said the Seahawks have a lot more to learn from the Eagles, and they should be better at doing so this year.

He also expects to see more playmakers and a more consistent running game.

“It’s something we’ve had to work on in the offseason,” McDougough said.

“I think we’ve improved, but we’ve got to keep getting better.”

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