What is the difference between AWS Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk?

If you’ve been following the Elastic BeanStalk blog, you’ll be aware that AWS Lambdas have been a topic of conversation recently.

AWS LambDas are a way to orchestrate an application using a centralized service that is run from the command line.

It’s also where the Elastic Stack comes in handy.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the differences between AWS Elastic BeanStack and Elastic Stack.

The AWS Elastic Stack Elastic Beanstack is a service for managing and scaling large applications, and is built on top of Elastic Stack and Docker.

It has the following key features: Elastic Bean stack: This service is built around the AWS Elastic stack.

The service provides a single layer of services to enable you to manage and scale your application, with a single application server that can manage and deploy your application to multiple hosts on different servers.