JW logistics warehouse in Wisconsin shuts down for a day due to a virus outbreak

A logistics warehouse owned by JW Energy Holdings Inc., located in rural Wisconsin, has been shut down for the day due an outbreak of the coronavirus.JW has been testing and testing, with no sign of the virus.

The company said Friday that the closure was due to “an imminent threat of severe and sustained” virus outbreaks.

Jill and her family are in the midst of a long journey, traveling across the U.S. to visit their son and daughter-in-law in Arizona.

They are going to be at their daughter- in-law’s funeral on Monday and have decided to take their son to the funeral of their father, who died of cancer in January, to have a moment of silence.

Jillian said her family will be traveling through the night, staying with family in their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

She said the hospital in Madison, where they were admitted, was closed.

Jw Energy Holdings, a JW energy group based in Houston, Texas, is the second largest U.N.-affiliated supplier of coal and natural gas to the U to be shut down.

The U.K.-based company shuttered its supply plant in the Uinta coal-rich region of South Wales, Wales, in January.JEWISH COMMUNITY JEWISH-American Jewish Committee President Rabbi Steven Salaita speaks at the 2017 American Jewish Congress National Conference at the UCC in New York, U.C.


The conference will be held from June 9 to 12.

The event is open to Jewish and non-Jewish students.

Salaita said the shutdown of the logistics company will be felt by people of all races, faiths and backgrounds.

“This is about justice, it is about the loss of jobs, it’s about the displacement of people of color and of immigrant communities.

And the fact that this company is part of this is just appalling,” he said.