Why 3pl logistics is going global and what it’s up against

The world’s biggest logistics company has been rebranding itself as Wow Logistics, as it seeks to broaden its global reach.

The company says it is changing its name and logo to reflect its global footprint as it looks to tap into the ever-growing demand for its services.

In an online news release, 3PL said it is redefining the logistics business with a new logo and brand identity that it hopes will resonate with customers around the world.

Its brand is about more than just a brand, 3pl said in a news release.

It is about people.

The new logo includes the company’s logo and the 3PL logo, both of which stand for the same thing, 3 Pl said.

Wow Logistical will also be changing its corporate logo to a more modern design, which should be seen as a reference to its global positioning.3PL is looking to expand its footprint globally through new, high-profile partnerships, including partnerships with retailers, logistics firms and banks, the company said.

3PL will also use its global presence to provide high-quality products and services, 3Pl said.3pl is also looking to broaden and deepen its partnerships with other logistics companies, including with a number of global companies.

In addition to expanding its global offerings, 3ptl is also seeking to expand to other regions around the globe.

3ptls new brand will include a number, including its new logo, 3p, 3r and 3t, 3 pl said in the news release on Monday.

Wow Logistics also has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, where it has offices and a delivery network, the news service said.

Wow is now based in the US, where its employees can work from home and 3PL is also building its presence in Germany.

The company’s headquarters are located in New York.