Why Amazon is not adding Dyson vacuums to its Echo devices

An Amazon spokesperson told Ars Technic that Echo devices are currently shipping without the Dyson vacuum.

We reached out to Amazon for comment and will update if we hear back.

It also seems unlikely that Dyson will offer a replacement for the Echo’s built-in Wi-Fi, since the company already offers a Wi-fi-only accessory, the Dorko.

It’s unclear if the Echo is even compatible with the Dorksi, or if Amazon would need to buy a separate accessory for the Dros.

A spokesperson for Dyson told Ars that the company is in discussions with Amazon to determine if the Dios is compatible.

“We’re always looking to add new products to our line-up and this is just the first in a series of new products we’ll be introducing for our customers,” the spokesperson said.

Dyson’s Wi-FI-only Dorkos also cost a cool $250, but the company announced a similar line of accessories for the Amazon Echo.

A Dyson spokesperson said the company was working with Amazon on the Dio Duo, but did not have a price or release date.

The Dios also don’t come with a battery, which could be a major drawback for those using them to charge their phones.

Dios Dios offers the same battery as its pricier and less powerful competitor, the Echo Dot.

However, the battery life of the Diodes Dios can be better than that of the Echo, and it offers two more Wi-Fuses instead of just one.

In addition to the Wi-Connect feature, the new Dios comes with a more flexible cord.

The cord of the current Dios costs $29.99 and can be found for $15.99 on Amazon.

The new Dio is available in three colors: black, blue, and purple.

We’ll be sure to share any new Diodos we find for review.