Which companies offer the most interesting job postings?

Logistics job postings for 2016-17 are shaping up to be an interesting one, as the list of candidates has grown over the past several months.

According to a recent survey by recruiting firm Challenger, the largest employers with the largest number of job postings are a number of companies with huge growth potential.

The list includes: Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC), which had nearly 3,400 openings as of September 30, up from 2,700 last year and 3,700 in 2015, according to the survey. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE.FM), which has a large presence in the aerospace industry, posted a whopping 4,000 openings this year, up nearly 15,000 from last year. 

Lockheed Martin (NYSE:,NYSE:LMT), which recently reported its third-quarter earnings, has about 4,100 jobs in its pipeline. 

General Electric (NYSE.:GE), which made a splash by announcing a new plan to build a $6.4 billion solar plant in the U.S., has 4,700 openings, according the survey, which also included Lockheed Martin. 

The company has been trying to find more ways to attract workers and has offered $2.25 an hour, with bonuses ranging from $300 to $2,500, for workers who can demonstrate they have “a high-level of professional competency.” 

General Motors (NYSE.) has about 3,500 openings, up about 12,000 in the past year.

It recently announced that it is going to build an electric car factory in Michigan, and is working with Ford Motor Co. on a $1.9 billion expansion to its factory in China. 

Porsche has a growing list of jobs as well, with more than 1,000 posted as of last month, including positions in the oil and gas, aerospace, logistics and aviation fields. 

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE.), which has about 2,500 jobs, also has an impressive number of openings, with about 1,600 posted this year.

Those positions include those at JPMorgan Chase, which is building an office in Detroit, and General Electric, which has some 2,400 jobs in various parts of the U-S.

and Canada. 

Microsoft (NYSE.,NYSE:MSFT), which is the largest software company in the world, has more than 3,100 openings, including more than 600 at its new offices in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Google has about 1.2 million openings, a figure that is growing, but not as fast as the number of jobs. 

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), which last year reported its first quarterly loss, has nearly 3.5 million openings and is trying to keep those open, with a goal of having about 5 million by 2020. 

TigerDirect, which provides health care delivery and emergency services, has roughly 3.2 jobs for each of its employees, according its job listing. 

Granite State Resources has more positions posted than any other company, with over 6,500 posted as well. 

K-Mart has about 5,500 available positions for employees. 

Siemens (NYSE:(NYSE:SIE), which acquired Siemens in 2013, has 3,000 jobs posted as it ramps up to open its new facilities in Detroit and Shanghai. 

Northrup Grummans, which was once known as General Electric (and is now part of ExxonMobil), has about 8,200 jobs, including about 3.7 jobs at its offices in Michigan and Washington. 

Cisco Systems (NYSE)(NYSE:CSC), which was acquired by Google in 2014, has a strong pipeline of jobs, with nearly 10,000 open in its manufacturing and software units. 

Mylan (NYSE(NASDAQ)) has nearly 9,000 available jobs in the health care and pharmacy sectors, with 3,600 postings. 

American Express (NYSE (NYSE), which owns the Bank of America and Chase Manhattan), has almost 9,500 open jobs in health care, including 2,200 at its corporate offices. 

Nokia (NYSE) has about 9,300 open jobs, and American Express has about 7,500. 

Tesla (NASASP:TSLA), which reported its fourth-quarter results, has over 8,300 openings in its U.K. and Asia markets, and about 6,000 more in the United States. 

Ford Motor (NYSE):Ford has about 11,400 available positions, with around 7,000 at its U-K.

plant in Sunderland, England, and 1,200 more in its facilities in China and Japan. 

Uber (NASNASDAQ)(NYSE)(NASDAQ), which launched in late 2016 and has nearly 8,000 active drivers and 1.8 million monthly active riders, has an extensive pipeline of job openings, as well as